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The Special Projects Management Unit (UGPE) is the specialized service that deals with the fiduciary management of externally funded projects, namely the financial management and procurement management of strategic projects or those with significant impact on the pursuit of the attributions pursued by the Ministry of Finance.


Here you will find an overview of the services we offer in our areas of expertise: Coordination, Project Monitoring and Management Department, Financial Control and Management Department, and Procurement Department.


The Coordenation Department

Coordination ensures the supervision of activities related to all projects under the responsibility of the Special Projects Management Unit (UGPE) and in the coordination and follow-up of actions related to the acquisition of goods and services related to the Projects. It is responsible for the execution of the projects under the UGPE’s responsibility and ensures communication with the Government, the Financiers, the direct Interveners, and all the entities linked to the Projects, in order to avoid possible constraints and failures, as well as arbitrate possible conflicts between the intervening parties in the process of Project implementation.

Department of Monitoring and Management of Projects

The project Monitoring and Management Department ensures the management, follow-up, and monitoring of the projects integrated into the UGPE.

Financial Monitoring and Management Office

The Financial Control and Management Department is the sector responsible for the proper administration of the financial resources allocated to the implementation of each Project and to ensure good asset management. It comprises administration, budget planning, accounting, disbursement, financial reporting, and auditing.

Department of Procurement

The Procurement Department of the UGPE deals with contracting and procurement. It is responsible for planning, programming, contracting and managing contracts, for works, services and goods, within the legal and regulatory framework for procurement established by the funders.